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Amplify Your Brand

Brand stories targeting the right audience that are simple, clear and compelling will be enthusiastically shared by your customers.

Create A Connection

Brand stories build trust with prospects which enable them to support your brand story, even before making their first purchase.

The Power of Story

Stories are more than a collection of words that entertain. A story clarifies information and elicits emotions that make people more receptive to new behaviors, including purchasing products and services.

Story Content

We work with your team to gather information on the target audience, the customer’s wants & needs, brand benefits and dozens of other areas to capture the necessary content to craft a strategic brand story that gets results.


Story copy must be interesting, yet simple and compelling to successfully convey your brand benefits to the target customer.  We have a team of professional copywriters that specialize in optimizing your strategic brand story.

Story Structure

Stories require the correct structure to elicit the desired response from the audience. Otherwise, it’s simply a description. Not a story. We incorporate a proven, time-tested story structure with our unique twist for consumer brands.

Our Services

  • Brand Story Coaching & Courses
  • Strategic Marketing Advisor
Our passion is helping brands tell a better story to generate explosive results. We focus on Sales Spark Done-For-You Strategic Brand Stories, but we also provide a limited amount of coaching to marketers that wish to master brand stories as well as strategic marketing planning and guidance for your company.


Below is a partial list of current or previous satisfied clients.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
We focus on consumer product brands for small to medium size businesses. We have decades of experience growing consumer product brands and will deliver the same to your brand. We plan to add B2B products and consumer services in the future.
How long is the process?
A lot will depend on your schedule. We have two-stage discovery process over 1-2 conference calls. After discovery, we can provide the first draft of the brand story within 2-weeks. If a new brand story is a priority for your company, it can be ready for launch in less than a month.
What Type of Results Can I Expect?
A new brand story will provide a strategic shift for your business. Like any major strategic change, it must be supported with marketing efforts to communicate your new story to pr0spects and customers. If that is done, you can expect at least a double-digit increase in sales and profits for the quarter 90-days after launching your brand story.

The best way to learn about the benefits of strategic brand stories and how we deliver those benefits is to schedule a call.

We’ll cover all the benefits, share success stories and walk you through the process to get the same results for your brand.

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